PSN Identity Theft Protection Promotion is Live

ID protection goes live as hackers continue their Sony assault

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Sony has begun making promises stick after the PlayStation Network was hacked and taken down for over three weeks. The first part of their recovery is a year of identity theft protection from Debix, a mixture of the company's two available plans, called AllClear ID Plus. Interested parties can sign up through a special page on the official PlayStation site, but be warned the application must be completed by June 28th, 2011, which is when the service offer expires.

It should also be noted this year of protection only applies to American PSN registered users, this despite the worldwide effects of the downtime and personal data theft. This also applies to users of Sony's massively multiplayer services, Sony Online Entertainment, which also found itself entangled in a breach of security not long after the PSN hack was underway.

The offer comes online as news of multiple Sony international services have come under fire from hackers. The most recent found someone sinking their hacking teeth into Sony Ericsson's E-Shop, snagging 2,000 personal records from the Canadian online store. The total number of possible hacked Sony outlets is nearing a dozen, showing that Sony is becoming a favored target of intruders, and personal data is anything but safe with the company at this time.

Meanwhile, American owners are still waiting patiently for the online PSN store to re-open so they can claim the various freebies being offered as part of the "Weclome Back" program. After a brief spat with the Japanese government, it seems the Asian side of things is finally in the clear, with a proposed re-launch date of tomorrow, although their store will remain offline as well. Only online play, password changes, and Home will be back online, the return date for everything else still left unspecified.

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