The Bachelorette: A Look at Ashley's Final Three

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This season’s Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, has narrowed her choices down to a final three, leading up to the grand finale when she makes her final choice of the man who will, as she’s said during the entire season, become her husband. We shall see about that. Based on the statistics, this is seldom the case with  The Bachelorette results.

Let’s take a look at these three fellows Ashley’s culled from a pack of 25. Ashley has, as of this writing, met the families of all of these finalists and for the most part they come from normal backgrounds. In past series there have been some weird families and this would be a major factor in choosing the final love, but for now it would seem that Ashley wouldn’t be walking into any way-out dysfunctional families.

Bachelorette constantine.jpgConstantine is of Greek descent and his family owns an Italian restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. Ashley is from Maine so a re-location seems in order. In fact, Constantine’s mother posed this very question to Ashley during the hometown episode. Ashley enthusiastically said she would re-locate if Constantine was her final choice. Inferred was the notion that the possibility of Constantine moving to Maine was out of the question.

Constantine seems to be genuinely fond of Ashley but  they seem awkward together. Of course most of the camera scenes are staged or, if nothing else, the actors know the camera records them and self-consciousness comes from this. Still there is another guy with whom Ashley seems much more relaxed despite all that.

I don’t think Ashley will choose Constantine but I am making a guess. Sometimes we make these guesses out here in TV land based on who we would choose. That’s part of the fun. First, it’s quite a jump and change of lifestyle to move from Maine to Georgia, the weather difference being the least of it. Second, sure the family owns a restaurant but who owns it? Constantine’s parents? There’s no guarantee he will inherit or manage and Constantine does have a sibling. How much could Constantine make working in his parent’s restaurant? Constantine is 30, a good choice against Ashley’s 25.

Whether we admit it or not, these are the sorts of things women consider when choosing a mate.

Bachelorette Ben F.jpgMoving on to Ben F. Here’s a fellow with a real big plus … his family owns a vineyard. A bounty of wine for the rest of one’s life, most of us could live with this. Ben’s father is deceased and it’s not clear if he is the one running that vineyard. He is a nice looking fellow but needs to comb his hair more.

Ben is closer to Ashley’s age at 28, he seems to have a solid career, and let me say it here, he does seem to come from a family with some money. Ashley would have to re-locate to California, also quite a move all the way from Maine but hey, California, not such a bad move in the scheme of things.

During a one-on-one date in Taiwan, Ben did not come home after the date. This tidbit was noticed by the other contenders and the viewer was also aware of it. We are left to deduce what we may about this fact. I deduce that Ben will be one of the final two after Constantine is given the boot.

Finally, there is J.P. J.P. is a construction manager, is 34 years old -- nine years older than Ashley -- and was married before. J.P. is from New York and what with a construction background he could easily re-locate to Maine and so could Ashley to New York, both with relative ease.

Bachelorette jpandashley.jpgOn the surface I’d not pick J.P. as Ashley’s final choice. The other two seem to have a better future in terms of careers. While construction work pays well, it is a tough life and often comes to a premature end. The age difference of nine years isn’t all that huge but Ashley did bring it up during the recent hometown date. If she bothered to bring it up it screams at the home viewer that this concerns the Bachelorette.

J.P. was also married before. On several occasions Ashley has asked J.P. how he knew if he was ready for marriage. He assured her that he was over his broken marriage and desperately ready to move on. Well, he has to say that, right?

I think that Ashley will choose J.P. and I base this guess on nothing more than how she interacts with this fellow. During a recent date J.P. was carrying on a bit childishly because of jealousy of the other contenders. This on a show specifically set up to have one main focal human choosing a life mate from a bevy of contenders. Jealousy, it would seem, should be left at the door.

Ashley did not scold J.P. for his unreasonable emotion under those circumstances. Instead she gave him a rose to assure him of his status in her hierarchy of choices. This is not something a Bachelorette would do to a guy she plans on giving the heave-ho.

She seems much more comfortable with J.P., at least as this viewer sees it. Just a hunch and a guess.

If I were Ashley’s mother, I’d suggest she choose Ben.

Next week, the final three visit Ashley’s family.

I would suggest readers take a look at TMR columnist Rachel East’s warning about emulating Ashley, indeed any bachelorette contender, and for some real insight into the psychology behind this series. It’s a good read, very insightful.

Watch Ashley’s quest to find her soul mate on ABC, Monday nights at 8:00 p.m.

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