America's Got Talent: Silly, Dangerous, Dumb, and Sometimes Genuine

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It’s now in its sixth season and it took a bit to grow to the success it is today. It began in Great Britain, with the show Britain’s Got Talent, and is produced by that talent-seeker extraordinaire, Simon Cowell.

Summers in America will never be the same as America’s Got Talent fills the desultory hot evenings of endless TV repeats with fresh entertainment that will baffle, startle, scare, amuse, puzzle and, in some cases, entertain .

For America’s Got Talent does not feature only singers, like American Idol, or dancers, like Dancing With the Stars. America’s Got Talent is open to any act with, eh, talent, however it may be defined.

Like the proverbial box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. Comedy acts, acrobats, dance groups, magicians, bands, animal acts, sword swallowers - all are fair game for this show.

There are three judges and a right witty master of ceremonies and it is their interaction with each other, along with the talent contenders, that provides as much entertainment as the talent. Nick Cannon will often become part of a magic act, judge Howie Mandel somehow got involved onstage with a unicyclist (a very funny clip). The three judges, Mandel, Piers Morgan, and Sharon Osbourne, engage in a sort of bickering that might have one of them storming off the set or almost coming to blows. This judge interaction is amusing and provides fodder for the screaming audience to take sides and add to the entertainment.


As of this writing there are 40 acts left in the finals. This year we’ve had parrots that sing “Over the Rainbow” and a weird group of little people dressed in odd costumes with a talent not discernible at all.


Quite a few winners of America’s Got Talent have gone on to success, either as a Vegas act or on their own, including a puppeteer, a magician, and a child singer.

Speaking of child singers, there’s always one young prodigy featured on this series and this year we have Anna Graceman, an 11-year-old with the talent to play the piano and sing, a serious contender, as I predict, to win this thing.

More often than not it is the more ordinary singer that wins this competition. Not always, of course, and that’s the beauty of the show. Cedric the Entertainer was a contestant in America’s Got Talent.

We’ll be checking in on this reality elimination series from time to time. Meanwhile, consider tuning in now that the stupid and slapstick have been whittled down to the serious. The show airs on Tuesdays at 9:00 pm and again on Wednesdays, same time, for the eliminations.

Check your local listings as air times are subject to change.

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