Flash Mob America Creates Joy Through Surprise

Flash mobs bring people together in the most unexpected ways.

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Flash Mob America

A flash mob in all its glory.

Imagine you're in a park surrounded by strangers milling around, going about their business. Suddenly the air is filled with rhythm, and these strangers have become connected: dancers in a strange, choreographed scene from a movie you didn't realize you were part of. You stand back and watch, mouth agape, until the music fades and the crowd drifts away.

You've just witnessed a flash mob.

The first successful flash mob took place at Macy's department store in New York in 2003. Since then, these events have been organized worldwide by many different groups. But in 2009, Conroe Brooks and Staci Lawrence took the concept of flash mobs one step further: they formed Flash Mob America, which has since become a full-service, national production company.Heights-From-Bennys-Photog-016-crop-150x150.jpg

In July 2009, inspired by Michael Jackson's emotional memorial, Brooks and Lawrence produced their first "work": a recreation of Sweden's "Beat It" flash mob. Their subsequent flash mob honoring Jackson on what would have been his 51st birthday brought them to the attention of the Universal Music Group, who hired the team to surprise Jackson's sister Janet with a "mob" devoted to her. After this, word of the duo's talent and creativity spread quickly. It was then Brooks and Lawrence decided to hire themselves out as flash mob producers full-time and Flash Mob America was born.

Although they do work for profit, Brooks and Lawrence's ideology is to "create joy through surprise and give back to the community by bringing everyone closer together." Their clients are corporations such as Dell, Oscar Mayer, Suave, and Oreo as well as non-profit organizations such as American Red Cross, GLAAD and Heal the Bay.

Their work has also been seen on television shows like Modern Family, Rachael Ray, and will be featured in a very special episode of The Bachelorette airing June 6th on ABC.

In The Bachelorette, Ashley Herbert, plans a flash mob surprise for her beau, Ben. She teaches him dance steps, just for fun, then brings him to the park. While practicing their steps on the green, the party commences and the flash mob joins the couple in their routine. Yes, Ben is surprised and pleased, and the scene gives the uninitiated an excellent example of how Flash Mob America works.

To find out more about Brooks, Lawrence, and Flash Mob America, you can check out their website. You'll find lots of videos there as well as details on how you can participate in a flash mob.  It's worth a look.

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