Four (and a Half) Reasons Why We LOVE Fox's New Girl

“Who’s that girl? Who's that girl? It’s Jess!”

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I’m hooked on New Girl. At first, I was skeptical, as I’ve never been an enormous Zooey Deschanel fan, and I never really preferred shows or movies that are “stupid funny.” But now it appears I’m not the only one this quirky new show has quickly converted.


Fox initially took a wait-and-see approach to their update-with-a-twist on “Three’s Company,” but apparently I’m not the only skeptical viewer this show has promptly converted. In fact, viewership has been so high that Fox has gone ahead and ordered a second set of 11 episodes, making it official that our favorite New Girl will get a full first season. Are you as excited as I am?

So why are we so excited about this show? What is it about three dudes and one quirkified chick living together, sans hookups (yet… I’m already turning into a major 'Nick and Jess' shipper!), that we love so much?

- Nerdy girls are the best. And we don’t get to see enough of them! We get gossip girls, real housewives, and all kinds of wannabes, but it’s rare to see a nerdy, goofy girl in all her fantastically dorky glory. Maybe she doesn’t do the things that all of us do. I mean, I’ve never fallen in love with a guy wearing a scrunchie, and have yet to try to pick up a guy with the “Hey, sailor” line -- but Jess is so superhumanly human that it makes it impossible not to find some part of her completely relatable.

- We love guys with heart. Guys are great. They’re fun, generally very loyal, give great hugs, and on an individual basis can really be a girl’s best friend. But these guys are a little different. Despite all their weirdness - which we LOVE - they elect to give up exclusive parties, wear embarrassing head gear on behalf of (the yellow kitty hat, anyone?), and step up to defend their vulnerable female friend. Most guys I know probably wouldn’t do most of that, although I have had male friends offer to throw a punch or two on my behalf.

- It’s not a total chick flick. Sure, Jess spent the pilot sobbing while watching Dirty Dancing. Sure, the second episode followed Jess as she overcame her anxiety about getting her stuff back from her scrunchie-wearing, advantage-taking ex. But to the writers’ credit, they’ve pulled off both storylines without making the show into a super-duper chick flick. It’s more about equal-opportunity quirk, and I think everyone can appreciate that.


- It’s giggle-worthy. It’s actually funny. I mean, seriously funny! So many shows try to be funny, or go the “stupid funny” route that turns off as many viewers as it wins. Again, kudos to the writers - and the actors’ spot-on, often deadpan, delivery (yeah, I'm looking at you, Zooey Deschanel!) - for making New Girl hilarious.

- We all wish we had a theme song. Right? Come on, admit it. You know you’d love to go all “Billionaire” on life and have a theme song wherever you go.

Watch Fox's New Girl, on Tuesdays, at 9ET.

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