Pan Am: Reviving the Glamor of the Happy (and Sexy!) Skies

Pan Am reminds us of a time when flying was a glamorous, and sometimes, sexy experience.

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I think it’s about time to pause the analysis of celebrity lifestyles for a hot second and start anticipating this season’s TV selection, which promises to be better than ever.

Aside from my usual favorites - Bones, Castle, and Grey’s Anatomy, among others - most of the big networks are offering an impressive array of new shows; among them, ABC's Pan Am, the va-va-voom, vintage drama I’ve been anticipating all summer.

I’ve always been a proponent of a return to some of the glamor of bygone eras, so - despite featuring adult content so racy that some of the more conservative ABC affiliates have refused to air the show - I’m hoping this new show about the lives of Pan Am flight attendants will help continue the Man Men, golden age revival.

Like old movies, these types of stories continue to remind us that, while sexism and harsh body image demands definitely suck, there’s something to be said for a public expectation of class and civility. And it never hurts to be told again that Audrey Hepburn dresses, class-tastic heels, and pearls are always good fashion choices!

Pan Am, starring Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie, Michael Mosley, Karine Vanasse, Mike Vogel, and Kelli Garner, premieres Sunday, September 25 at 10/9c.

So keep your trays in their upright positions and let’s hope ABC’s skies are as happy (and sexy) as they appear to be!

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