Princess Diana, In Mug Form, Stars on TLC's What the Sell?!

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So, if I were to create a new show out of my favorite reality program formats, it would revolve around a team of engaging-but-flinty scientist/adventurer ghosts who test common travel myths and examine/appraise historic objects along the way.

That aside, there's a cool newish show on TLC featuring a family of ace antique and collectibles appraisers, rakishly named What the Sell?! Judy Martin owns and runs The Perfect Thing, a high-end consignment boutique just outside of Chicago. Over 20 years in the estate-sale business, Judy has evaluated over one million items.

Aided by her mother Gloria and daughter Kate (shades of Pawn Stars), Judy buys and sells choice individual objects and entire estates, applying the appraisal acumen that has earned her the position of president of the International Society of Appraisers' Board of Directors. Whoa.

In tonight's special royal wedding-themed episode (10/9c), a collector happens upon a rare Princess Diana "Toby jug" figurine that had been banned from production. The Perfect Thing crew visit the conveniently nearby American Toby Jug Museum to get the scoop on its provenance and value.

Then, because too much is not enough, the episode following at 10:30 features lingerie allegedly belonging to Queen Victoria, a royal palace sword, and a sculpted figure of Queen Elizabeth l.

TLC's mega royal wedding coverage continues throughout the week. 

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