Syfy Channel's Haven Gears Up For a Second Season

Be warned: Haven's creep factor may just give you the shivers.

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I was new to Haven when I previewed "A Tale of Two Audreys,"  the first episode of the show's second season. It’s generally difficult to catch up when you’ve missed thirteen episodes of a show as complex as this. However, the writers have made it easy for new viewers to get the gist of what is going on, while giving long-time fans an episode that moves the action forward in a satisfying way.

The story concerns FBI agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), who last season arrived in Haven, Maine, on a routine case and soon found the town was a “haven” for people who possessed supernatural afflictions or “Troubles.” Her request to remain in the town and continue her investigation initially met with resistance from the Bureau. When she asserted that she “understands these people,” she was allowed to pursue what became a personal quest for knowledge. She eventually discovered that the secret of her own past might lie within Haven’s borders.  

She is aided by Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant), a local cop whose late father psychically held the town together. Lucas’ affliction is that he has no tactile sensation-except when he touches Audrey.  Together, with the help of smuggler Duke Crocker, they continue to investigate the townspeople and what might be causing their “Troubles.”

In the episode premiering on July 15, a mysterious woman arrives in town claiming to be Audrey Parker, She is seemingly another victim of the “Troubles” since she has the real Audrey’s memories.  When a plague infests the town right after the fake “Audrey’s” arrival, the real Audrey and Nathan think this impostor may have something to do with it.  

It is a solid opening to the second season of this intriguing but not wholly original show. Haven is, after all, based on Stephen King's novel The Colorado Kid. Besides the literary inspiration, Haven tips its hat to The X Files: the FBI agent’s attraction to unexplained phenomena strikes uncomfortably close to Fox Mulder's "The Truth Is Out There" territory.

Its origins notwithstanding, Haven is a worthy addition to the Syfy Channel lineup. The acting is solid, and the premise and characters are haunting enough to inspire the occasional shiver.  Those who are familiar with season one are sure to enjoy this second season premiere. The previously uninitiated may be intrigued enough to keep Haven on their weekly viewing schedule. 

Season two of Haven will premiere on July 15 at 10PM ET on the SYFY Channel.

Emily Rose discusses the upcoming season of Haven below.

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