The Bachelor Pad Needs a Wing for the Insane

An update on the Jake and Vienna show...

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When I first wrote about ABC’s take on Big Brother combined with The Bachelor, AKA The Bachelor Pad, I was a bit intrigued with this year’s storyline in that it included one of the more infamous Bachelor pairings, that of Jake and Vienna.

Jake was the Bachelor in a prior season of the show; Vienna was a contender for his heart. The series ran its course and the world watched with love and joy as Jake asked for Vienna’s hand in marriage and she accepted. Handkerchiefs wiped tears of joy across the fruited plains as viewers could now relish a tale of romance, with many children soon to come.



Turns out that Jake and Vienna were not, ahem, as compatible as they thought. No, wait, again. Incompatible would be an understatement.

The two seem to positively hate each other! So we must, of course, invite them both to appear on The Bachelor Pad and we now have “The Jake and Vienna Show" and I have been torn between shock and amusement as I regard the drama from my living room chair.

While it might seem as if the antagonism between Jake and Vienna might take up the entire hour of the weekly episodes, do not forget that we have another formerly engaged couple also sharing The Pad and already one budding romance reached full bloom to a shocking end that delighted viewers.


Michael, a contender during Jillian’s Bachelorette season, and Holly, a contender for Bachelor Matt’s hand, somehow met each other (I think alumni of The Bachelor(ette) series hang around together) and became engaged, broke up, and every week viewers of The Bachelor Pad get to witness this drama. So far neither has revealed just why they broke up, they both express a desire to reunite and this viewer wants to slap them both silly and tell them to get on with it already. But that would take away the drama now wouldn’t it?

Ames, a final contender for most recent Bachelorette Ashley’s hand, a fellow who was deeply in love with Ashley as he claimed, has succumbed to the love of another Pad resident, Jackie. Ames evidently recovers from love-sickness very quickly and he did, indeed, run up to the departing limousine then removing his beloved but voted off Jackie, jumped in, and the duo drove off into the sunset together. I cried buckets.

It’s not that I have a problem with the constant melodrama of Jake and Vienna but at times it’s a bit embarrassing. Jake keeps hanging around Vienna and her new beau, Kasey, also a former Bachelor contender.

During this week's episode we were informed that Vienna cheated on Jake three times. Dear Lord, she gets engaged to this guy on television in front of the world and she then finds time to cheat on him…three times? Vienna revealed that Jake lost over $200,000 on a limousine business and now I’m on the edge of my seat. This is gossip most delicious.

And through all this angst, by coincidence or script, Vienna and Jake keep ending up in proximity to each other as the gods of serendipity shine down upon them.

The contest during that episode was an especially cruel thing. The men and the women were lined up by gender with backs to each other. Targets were painted prominently upon their backs as the opposite sex contender threw dye-filled balloons at the target that most fulfilled the question.


One question was “Who do you find the most unattractive male/female?” depending on who was throwing the balloon. I mean seriously, that’s kind of cruel, don’t you think? One female contender was the recipient of all the male balloons thrown at this question and she ends up sobbing and hurt and now I’m sure that The Pad needs a mental health wing for the damage to the psyche done on this show, not to mention a room for the producers who think up this stuff. What happened to just hanging off of a rope until you drop your partner on the bed below?

Well darn, I’m out here in la-la land watching this stuff, I know this. And I did quite enjoy the scene with host Chris Harrison telling Vienna she was free to leave any time she wanted. Another contender, Gia, did voluntarily leave, sobbing that everybody was lying to her. Gee, Gia, you think they might be trying to win a quarter million dollars? Just throwing it out there...

Oh, I’ll be tuning in on Monday nights, ABC at 8p/7c. If nothing else I’ve got to see if Jake and Vienna ever get over each other.

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