Bachelorette Ashley's Final Four, Brad and Emily Split, Should Love In the Wild Be Sex In the Wild?

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I continue to watch the concurrently airing dating shows, The Bachelorette (ABC, Sundays, 8pm) and Love In the Wild (NBC, Wednesdays at 10pm). The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, should be happy as The Bachelor of her candidate season, Brad Womack, just broke up with his chosen love, Emily (Ashley was Brad’s third choice).

First, Brad and Emily. Because one has to smile at the pathetic Brad Womack who has had so many females available to him on The Bachelor and we can only conclude that there is no female on the planet good enough for this fine fellow. During Brad’s first bachelor stint in 2007, some 25 ladies were available to him. Up until the final day, Brad could not make up his mind and ultimately ended up walking away, choosing none of the contenders. This past season Brad comes up again, a new man, all psycho-elaminated from his mental issues and fear of commitment, ready to find a true love.

brad-and-emily.pngOnly, please don’t snort. Brad’s chosen love, Emily, couldn’t seem to make it gel with Brad. Brad, as is the standard with this setup, had a bevy of beauties to choose from, including current bachelorette, Ashley. He rejected them all, and chose Emily, mother of a young daughter fathered by a race car driving boyfriend who died in an airplane crash.

It wasn’t rocket science to know this was a relationship in trouble.  During an earlier interview Emily almost whispered that Brad had “a bit of a temper.” Now their split is official.

I watched Emily’s interview with host Chris Harrison and never has one human being ever uttered so many words and said so little. My guess is that Brad Womack needs to hire a full time mental health therapist and get his brain unscrambled. The guy’s 39 years old and can’t seem to get a girlfriend when, by now, he’s had more than 50 throwing themselves at him.

We move on to the current Bachelorette contender, Ashley, and her weepy quest to find her man. She’s down to four as of this week and the next episode will begin the hometown dates. During this episode Ashley will visit the hometowns of her four remaining would-be suitors and will meet their families.

the-bachelorette-ashley-hebert-engaged.jpgI said in my last post on this series that I thought J.P. would be Ashley’s final choice and after this week's episode I stand by this guess. For J.P. behaved rather badly. He was jealous of every other contender who stood close to Ashley and kept complaining about sharing his time with Ashley. This fact might cause one to scratch one’s head as the whole concept of this show is that it's a competition among suitors. There will be other contenders in the picture is what I’m saying here, yet J.P. seemed irked by the reality of it.

Even more surprising is that Ashley not only didn’t scold him for complaining, she gave J.P. the rose for the group date, saving him from elimination at the next Rose Ceremony and obviously sending him a message to "hang in there till I get rid of these other guys," as I interpret.

Let’s end by noting that yon reader too can enter as contender for the hand of an available single - check it out.

Love In the Wild continues on in this most interesting concept of meeting a partner that intrigues, and confuses a bit.

This series has couples pairing up by choice then embarking on some challenge in the wild that is dangerous, scary, and sure to bring out any future problems the couple might have but not learn about until too much precious time might be invested in a relationship going nowhere.

The most recent episode had the couples canoeing to a fine place known as Snake Island. I don’t know if the snakes we saw were real but it could have caused viewers to sit on the edge of their cushioned seats for the drama of it.

What I find most, er, odd, is how obviously this series presents a sexual setting. First of all, the couples, as paired and after their adventure, are assigned a cabin, together, with only one bed.

The Bachelorette also has a one-night thing called the “Fantasy Suite.” The fantasy suite is reserved for the final two contenders for the bachelorette’s hand and while it certainly looks erotic, the viewer is left guessing as to what goes on in that place all night.

It's also left to the viewer’s imagination just what goes on in those Love In the Wild cabins. Sometimes couples are shown sleeping in the same bed, sometimes one will be asleep on a chair. These are adults, make no mistake, but it seems as if this series is directly implying sexual connections in the wild while The Bachelorette series tries to be much more coy about their fantasy suites.

Contenders Derek and Jess were the winners of this week's challenge. At The Couple’s Ceremony, most of the partners in the competition chose to remain with their partners. Pair Adam and Heather came in last place in the challenge and as the human exchanges went on in The Couple's Ceremony, Adam went left unpaired. Steele left his partner, Kym, to choose Heather. Heather was also left unpaired. Adam and Heather were sent home.

It’s a bit too early in this show’s series to predict how it will end but it must be noted that contenders Samantha and Mike have been together for all challenges so far and both admit to having a “connection” with each other.

Contender Steele seems to be the scripted bad guy in this series, having admitted in a solo on-camera vignette that he’s never had a long-term relationship. This fellow comes off as weird and off-kilter and hey, got to have some drama to keep the viewers tuned in.

And so we shall.

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