The Sundance Channel's Ludo Bites Mixes Haut Cuisine and Drama

Chef Ludo has a passion for his work and a fiery temper to match.

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Chef Ludovic Lefebvre, better known as Chef Ludo, and his partner/wife Krissy have a unique way of serving their food to hungry customers. Instead of opening a restaurant in Los Angeles, where they reside, they travel the country, creating Ludo Bites “pop-up” restaurants wherever they go, utilizing standing eateries as their “bases” for a night's worth of culinary artfulness.

The Sundance Channel’s new show Ludo Bites America is a unusual take on the popular cooking shows of today. Ludo is a classically trained five-star chef, who takes local cuisine and mixes it up with his own style of cooking. In this way, the locals are treated to a very different version of familiar fare.

In the premiere episode, Ludo and Krissy visit Santa Fe, New Mexico and set up shop in the Tecolote Cafe, a favorite eatery of the locals. They frequent the area restaurants and converse with diners to get an idea of what people in the area enjoy eating. Working with Tecolote owner Katie Adkins, who is struggling to follow in her late restauranteur father’s footsteps, they must work against the clock to assure their opening is a success.

It isn’t easy. Along the way they face the challenge of working with a staff not used to Chef Ludo’s perfectionism and temperament, which is as hot as the chiles he adds to the food.  Drama, tears, and a cauldron load of obscenities fly before the hour is over. The big question is if Ludo, Krissy and their staff will manage to serve up the food before killing each other.

Ludo Bites is an entertaining hour of TV, but the tension between Ludo and his staff can be hard to take. Still, if you enjoy cooking shows, and are up for watching one like Hell's Kitchen on the road, you might just want to give Ludo Bites a look.

Ludo Bites airs on Tuesdays at 9PM ET on The Sundance Channel.

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