Jagger's New Band Is Super Heavy

Super Heavy Out To Prove Great Talent Will Always Come Forth

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Mick Jagger doesn’t need to be coddled.  Not any more, he doesn’t.  Over the decades, Jagger has heard hundreds of musical styles, some of them come and gone.  Jagger and The Stones have molded many of those styles to become Stones originals.  That’s our boys.  When it seems as if The Rolling Stones can do little else, other than the occasional blockbuster tour, Mick Jagger decides to join a forming band of stars, collectively calling themselves Super Heavy.  Good name. Good move.

Mick Jagger isn’t alone in this project.  There’s Joss Stone, whose soulful female voice can be a strong add to a band that already has a distinctive voice with Jagger.  Dave Stewart, who has been a part of a lot of things, including Eurythmics, over his musical lifetime, contributes his hefty toolbox, while popular Indian composer, A. R. Rahman is a welcomed, if odd, addition to the blend. Finish it up with Bob Marley’s offspring, Damian Marley, and, well, you have one hell of a blend of styles in there.

The idea of Super Heavy was to create a musical fusion state.  Dave Stewart, ever the musical genius, approached Mick Jagger, who has had certain experience with Stones’ fusion of styles.  Together they brainstormed the idea of throwing styles into a soup of music just to see what it would sound like.  The results are obviously enticing. 


If you've heard the single, “Miracle Worker,” then you begin to grasp the concept of Super Heavy (or is that SuperHeavy…or SuperHEAVY?  I don’t really know).  Regardless, I like the song a lot.  It’s a reggae-influenced tune with dashes of other styles thrown in.  But I have to assume that with the talents on board, the complete results could be even more intriguing than “Miracle Worker.” I have to say, I want to  find out.

Recently, the band finished their album and went shopping for a label to release it.  Universal Republic picked it up for US distribution, and A&M Records handles the set for everywhere else.  Loosely scheduled for release in September of 2011, the album can be one that gains some steam as the release date approaches.  Why?  Back up a few paragraphs and reintroduce yourself to the participants. These are big names with a cool idea.

I know, it’s only Rock and Roll, but I like it…

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