Google+ Experiencing Unprecedented Trajectory Upwards

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Google+ is going meta.

Sixteen days after its launch, Google’s social network Google+ reached ten million users, a feat that took rivals Twitter 780 days and Facebook 852 days, respectively, according to “Google+ unofficial statistician” Paul Allen and "technowizard" Leon HÃ¥land.

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While there is still a gap to fill in the social networking game of catch up, "Google+ is on an unprecedented growth trajectory" said Comscore VP Andrew Lipsman after reporting  Google+ has had 20 million unique visitors since its launch, including five million visitors from the U.S.

If Google+ continues on its trajectory, it will blow away its competitors in a matter of months, or maybe even weeks.

Google+ has not employed a great deal of marketing but instead relied on the velvet rope strategy of knowing people want what they can’t have, further set in motion by those already holding Google accounts.  More than 50 percent of traffic coming to Google+ originates from Google or Gmail, according to Experian HitWise, meaning the Google+ user base is being fueled by existing Google account holders, an advantage the company has over its rivals.

The video chat Hangout application is also receiving a great deal of hype with over 71% of active Google+ users reported having tried the feature for everything from holding press conferences to setting up home surveillance.  Google has been “re-prioritizing their product efforts,” and as part of that process are winding down Google Labs; however, Google intends to roll out additional features over time with the +1 feature already gaining positive feedback and changing how the search engine works. Google currently uses a complex algorithm to show top results but depending on how many people join, the site’s search results could possibly show a ranking based on what those in your Google+ circles find useful and have given the +1.

And, just when you thought you were done editing your settings to cease and desist any future application invitations,the future of Google+ could also offer social games and other applications that would run on top of Google+, similar to Farmville.

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