Drinkin' Green is Sexy and Delicious!

It's not easy "bein' green," but drinkin' green is easy... and sexy!

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Green Drink of the Day

No one made a green drink sexy until Renee Russo started guzzling them in the 1999 version of The Thomas Crown Affair.

Whether bottled or hand-made by her lover’s cook, they all had a similar When Harry Met Sally effect: “I want what she’s having…”

I have juiced at various periods in my life, but never stuck to it for more than a year or so. I have tasted the store-bought green drinks which I find horrid, like most smoothies of that sort.

I’ve also had periods of smoothie mornings with various powders that were promising to cure my ills. But, now that I am dealing with a health issue, and I’m looking for solutions in all different forms, I thought it was worth trying what Dr. Oz has been long-time touting: a green drink to start your day.

I am in love. Green drinks are delicious and super easy to make. Sure, you can juice a bunch of fruits and veggies, but why not do it the Lazy Way - shove it all in a blender and make a smoothie. You will never green_smoothie_with_sprig.jpgbelieve what is in this smoothie that is pictured:

  • Water
  • 1 Apple (cored)
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Huge Handfuls of Kale
  • 2 Huge Handfuls of Spinach
  • 1 Teaspoon of Vitamin C
  • 1 Scoop of a Powder (to help me with the altitude sickness I always get in Denver - leaving tomorrow) - vitamins, protein, amino acids, etc.
  • 1 Tablespoon of Hemp Seeds
  • ½ cup of ice (because I like it cold)

Hemp seeds are the latest craze to get up on the platform with flax seed, a long since encouraged addition to our diets. I had never heard of hemp seeds until last week. Don’t get excited, they don’t make you high. But, they are delicious. I had them sprinkled over an avocado with just lemon and salt and I was in heaven. They are loaded with essential fatty acids, including those omegas they are always wanting us to ingest.

Whatever you choose to add to your fruits and veggies, it’s easy. The only work on this one was coring the apple! Throw it all in a blender and whip it up into a smooth, light, refreshing brew. Scrumptious! I change it up every day, throwing in different fruits and veggies, with kale and spinach as my base. I will keep experimenting. Most days I think “That’s the best one yet!”


I have to say I feel amazing when I drink it. And, it has caused me to very easily give up my coffee. The old ritual was wake up and make one pot of French press coffee. The new ritual is going in and whipping up a green drink. I don’t even crave the coffee any more. I was a serious addict! I am not saying I’m never having it again, but I have to say the green drink -- as hard as this is to believe -- gives me a great big jolt. Not the same as caffeine, of course, but a definite boost.

It’s not that easy “bein’ green,” as our friend Kermit the Frog says, but drinkin’ green is extremely easy. Even better, it’s sexy, because healthy is sexy.

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