Courtship Without the Cost, Part 3

Get after it on your date without getting into it with your bank.

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Ah, the series finally comes to an end. Some guys appear to be under the impression that an expensive courtship is the only way to win the woman of their dreams, but we now see that’s not the case. For further proof, read on to find your final installment of fantastic dates without the sticker shock.

Have any of these or other dates I’ve mentioned worked well for you? Have any good ones that I missed? Let me know in the comments section!

Go to a driving range or batting cages. No an athlete? No big deal. You’ll almost definitely have a blast launching projectiles into the air with your significant other. It’s physical, it’s fun, and it’s a no-pressure, lighthearted way to spend time together. And hey, as an extra bonus, you might get your swing adjusted . . . oo la la!

Check out a local band. Cover charges for local groups are minimal, and you might stumble on the next big thing. I know I had a blast when a guy I was seeing took me to a backroom salsa concert in our area; the $5 cover got us authentic music, great dancing, and the best mojitos I’ve ever tasted! But whether the band is good or bad, you’ll be able to chat about them, laugh at other concert goers, dance a bit, and almost definitely have a good time.

driving range date.jpgHead over to the zoo. I used to hate going to zoos thanks to the animals in too-small cages, pacing because of mental illness and being taunted by evil little kids. Happily, most modern zoos have left all that behind and feature beautiful creatures in natural-looking environments. This is a perfect date because it gives you time to walk, talk, get to know each other, but still have outside distractions should things get boring or awkward. Zoos are also great places to people-watch, which can make for an equally fun date.

Go berry, apple, or pumpkin picking. True, you need the right season to indulge in this low-cost pleasure, but heading to a nearby farm to pick fruit is an absolute blast. It’s especially great if you can combine it with a future date - perhaps pick the pumpkin that you’ll carve together on Halloween or bake an apple pie from scratch together with the ones you pick. If there’s no place in your area that’s famous for this activity, just Google “[insert fruit here] picking” in your city and see what pops up.

If you’re stuck on dinner and a movie, try bunch and a matinee instead. Pricey restaurants are cheaper for daytime meals, and movie theaters seem to follow this trend, as matinees are significantly cheaper than their after-dark counterparts. If you’re leery of small, ill-behaved children kicking your seats and needing constant narration by their parents, keep an eye out for the 21+ movie theaters that are gaining popularity (like CinĂ©Bistro, which is a recent addition to my area.


Cult film night! If you’re both into a certain cult classic film, find out where they have midnight showings in your town. They tend to be less expensive that regular showings, and Donnie Darko, Rocky Horror, and Showgirls are all so much fun to see with audiences that clearly appreciate them - it’ll keep you both laughing for hours.

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