Dear Representative Peter DeGraaf: I Truly Hope No One Rapes Your Mom

An open letter to Rep. Peter DeGraaf for suggesting women purchase "rape insurance" for those unplanned and unwanted pregnancies.

Last week Kansas legislators approved a ban that no longer allows insurance companies to offer abortion coverage as part of their general health plans, except for when a woman's life is at risk.

But Kansas Representative Peter DeGraaf, who is also an associate pastor -- ya know, for extra income -- made sure to completely distract us from that previous bill by focusing his attention on an additional request: banning coverage for abortions of rape pregnancies. Though of course, under his suggestion, women could purchase separate "abortion-only policies" in the event that they would like to financially and medically prepare for the rape that they might endure.Pete DeGraaf2.jpg

Yes, this is real.

Rep. Barbara Bollier, along with anyone with a vagina, uterus, stable mental health record, and/or a successful track record of separating church from state, wasn't into this. So she challenged it, and there were words exchanged. The McPherson Sentinel shared the conversation:

Rep. Pete DeGraaf said: "We do need to plan ahead, don't we, in life?"

Bollier asked him, "And so women need to plan ahead for issues that they have no control over with pregnancy?"

DeGraaf drew groans of protest from some House members when he responded, "I have a spare tire on my car."

"I also have life insurance," he added. "I have a lot of things that I plan ahead for."

Yes, that really happened. An article I read about this suggested sending one's thoughts to Rep DeGraaf, and listed his phone number and email address. So, I've decided to send a letter to Rep DeGraaf, sharing my feelings. I also sent a copy to the editors at The Morton Report...

Dear Pete,

I've sat in a room and conducted compassionate conversations with child molesters. I've supported homicidal gang members and ex cons. I've respectfully worked with drug dealers, rapists, and abusive parents. I never ever felt hatred for any of them. Ever.

What I have felt, over and over again, is sadness. Deep, stomach churning, heart dropping and nauseated sadness that they had arrived at a place in their life where perpetrating pain and trauma onto others became the only way to depart -- even for a moment -- from their own effed up-like-nobodies-business level of pain inside. It's overwhelmingly maddening, and intensely sad, don't you think?

You see Peter, the only equation for perpetrating pain on another human being is when you have a shit storm inside of yourself that you're looking to displace on someone else. It's really quite simple - we're not born evil, malicious or abusive. We acquire pain and pass it on when we can no longer hold it. That's just the way human beings work.

So, given that, I have to wonder what kind of personal inner shit storm you're trying to distract from or rid yourself of, considering you have officially, since your comment last week, become your very own and newly defined level of perpetrator. You are proposing to re-traumatize, re-victimize and re-abuse women, while you propose that they should be prepared with rape-abortion insurance in the same way that you are prepared with a spare tire in your car. You compared rape to your car getting a flat tire. Only a deeply ill person would even find the words to make that kind of association.

I have to wonder, what is it inside of you that is so spiritually and soul-suckingly uncomfortable that you'd confidently suggest that rape victims without a particular kind of pre-planned insurance policy, should keep something inside of them, possibly of the same quality?

I want to call you a f*cking piece of shit asshole scum of the earth motherf*cker. But, that won't help anyone. Instead, I'll ask you this: Have you ever had someone grab you, rip off your clothes and stick their penis inside your God-given personal space called a body as you scream telling them to stop, only to further leave you with a fetus growing inside you created partially from their DNA, as a sick reminder of the moment the skin you have to live in for the rest of your life was violently entered without permission, while being simultaneously treated like a boxing bag?

I didn't think so.

So, get a hold of yourself, remove your Bible from your seat in government and back the F up. You've been ill advised as it pertains to your comments thus far, and I recommend you withhold from making any further statements. The mold inside of you is spilling out, and it's not ours to hold. Your pain doesn't belong to anyone but you.

I truly hope that no woman you love - not your wife, your daughter, your mother, or your sister ever gets raped or more so, impregnated as a result of rape. Because I promise you on every single cell in my body, your spare tire will not solve a f*cking thing.

With hope you get the help you need before you do any more damage,


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