Lazy Woman Decorating Technique: Orchids Aweigh!

Beauty for Less = Lazy Woman Bliss

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Paris flower market

As a Lazy Woman I encourage any behavior or purchase that diminishes stress and increases joy. Purchases of beautiful things that save money, therefore, make me extremely happy.

Since I lived in Paris my junior year abroad, I have been addicted to having fresh flowers in my house. In Paris, not unlike New York City, you run into fresh flowers every few blocks. So, you will never make a visit to this Lazy Woman’s home and not find fresh flowers in most rooms, if not every room.

Being a Lazy Woman, I also like one-stop shopping. Hence my supreme addiction to Trader Joe’s, which of course always has a brilliant array of freshly cut and potted flowers.

In the summer months, though, the quandary is how to make them last. No matter how cool I keep the house with air conditioning, the hot sun coming in the windows definitely shortens the life span of flowers. I was making Trader Joe’s runs for flowers every three or four days this May and June.

It wasn’t until I moved at the end of July and made a quick run to the Mecca of Joe that I grabbed a few orchids to offset the piles of brown boxes.

I never thought much of orchids before then. I get such bliss from fresh cut ranunculus, delphinium, tulips, and peonies, I thought orchids looked like snooty, distant, over-bred cousins.

Soon my love for them grew. I found myself sitting with a cup of tea and just staring at their simple elegance. I fell even more deeply in love when I discovered that they last months! The last petal fell off the orchids I bought the day I moved into my new house at the end of July. Oh, joy!

Orchids 020.jpg

Saving money is Lazy. Getting major bang for your buck is even Lazier. And, anything that gives you a precious moment of pure bliss is the Laziest of all.

I now have eight orchids around and about the house, all in different kinds of vessels, to obscure the fact that I am an addict. I also still have a few fresh bouquets, but I am definitely not spending as much as I used to on flowers, and orchids are far less labor intensive — no changing water, trimming, etc. I just water once a week.

I have orchid food but I don’t think I’m going to get into the whole drama of trying to make them bloom again. I’m taking the plants, post bloom and adding them to a big pot out on the patio, so it’s a great big green arrangement. I’ll give them some orchid food, but I’m not going to get too attached. I thank them for their generosity and encourage them to be happy on the lovely hummingbird-filled back yard.

Gratitude is also Lazy. Thank you, dear orchids, for saving me time and money, and for generously showering me with Lazy loveliness. I’m sorry I thought you were snobs for so long. Now, I know you are just like the rest of the flower kingdom: born to bring us joy until you breathe your last breath of life.

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