Kate and William's Wedding Brings Out the Style in US Media Mavens

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While the world is watching London spruce up for Friday's royal fete, I find myself observing our American journalists displaying their own, special brand of sartorial spit and polish.

fascinator.jpgWhy is it that a step into Greenwich Mean Time has vaulted our much-watched talent into a whole new level of dressing up?  I find it fascinating, given our 'Friday casual' culture stateside, that we're seeing a wealth of ruffles, floral prints, tailored jackets, trench coats, bespoke suits and very well tied Windsor knots. I have yet to spy a 'fascinator'.  Stay tuned...

Given the tenor of the news these days, our TV folk are having a ball and apparently, dressing for one. Rightfully so!  Meredith Viera was holding court in front of Westminster Abbey, resplendent in blue silk while chatting up a very handsome Peter Alexander who sported a perfectly tailored pinstripe suit, white shirt and green, silk faille tie.  Even Meredith made mention of his sartorial splendor.  Peter's field assignments rarely call for perfectly pressed shirts.  His flak jacket is blessedly in a drawer somewhere this week while the viewing public marvels at his Savile Row side.

EltonJohnDavidFurnishBarbaraWalters.jpgBarbara Walters, always dressed to impress, has gone to the safe and extracted her jewels.  A wonderfully placed brooch -- very Queen Mother -- was artfully pinned on her suit jacket.  Bravo!  My father always told me to wear my jewels every day.  She would have appeared as 'over-dressed' on The View, but the jewels were just right for chatting up Elton.

Deborah Norville was channeling all things Sister Parish when reporting in front of the Abbey.   Her sleeveless, chintz, pin-tucked sheath spoke of English roses and optimism given that the forecast for Kate and William bodes covering up their guests' carefully chosen ensembles.  There is bound to be a mad dash to Burberry tomorrow.

It's wonderful that love brings out the Sunday best in everyone.

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