Singingbelt, Ruth Gerson releases Deceived, on May, 17th. Produced by Rick Chertoff and William Wittman, the album has been called “A Triumph!” by acclaimed author and rock critic Greil Marcus. One hundred percent of artist proceeds from digital downloads will be donated to family violence prevention and domestic violence charities, including Sanctuary For Families, Shalom Bayit, AVON Foundation (Speak Out!), and The Family Violence Prevention Fund. Direct donations to these charities will also receive a hard copy of the album, and Gerson is touring and performing a series of House Concerts to achieve a goal of raising $100,000. Visit to find out more." />
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May 2011

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Tuesday May 17, 2011 15:00 PM ET
So much changes so quickly. When I walk around my new neighborhood thousands of miles from where I grew up and the places that comprised all the rest of my life, I feel as though I am witnessing myself from...

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